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Tax Preparation

We offer the best value for your Federal Income tax preparation and additional state returns. Strategic insight, document review and electronic filing are no cost items added to your consultation. All tax preparation services are guaranteed.

Need our services? Answer these Tax Planning questions

  1. Do you not want to think about tax preparation and financial management?
  2. Do you need a strategy for reduced taxes on all sources of income: work, settlements, inheritances, social security, and pensions?
  3. Do you find the subject confusing or overwhelming?
  4. Do you know tax advantages and disadvantages that affect you?
  5. Do you know how income taxes will affect your life's income?

If you answered yes to one or more, then make contact with me. I promise a timely, private and respectful conversation to discuss your needs. There is no cost to see if you and I are a good fit to help with your tax planning needs.

Advantages of doing business with us:

  1. Affordable - I have competitive pricing and group discounts (including military, police, and fire fighters)
  2. Year Round comprehensive tax advice and planning
  3. Fifteen years experience in the financial business
  4. Easy drop off and pick up service saves you time
  5. Long term focus with your goals in mind
  6. Guaranteed error free!

Gipson, Woodruff & Brady, LLC ensures that your tax savings include all the possible deductions and you are getting the highest return allowed. I will gladly work with your other advisors to make sure your plan is on track and you are receiving the maximum about of benefits allowed.