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Financial Services

Getting to know you is our primary goal. We want to create strategies that reflect your personality, preferences and goals. We consult around your life's priorities using timelines that meet your needs now and in the future. As goals and priorities change, we monitor and revise the strategies. The overall goal is to save money, reduce taxes, and let you keep more of what you earn!

Our Financial Services include:

  1. Getting married - What happens when we combine our financial lives? What should we look out for?
  2. Home purchases - Can a Mortgage Credit Certificate help? Other options for the 1st or 2nd or 3rd time home buyer.
  3. Starting a business - foundation is everything, know your responsibilities.
  4. Protecting assets - do I really need insurance? a will? What are my options?
  5. Retirement Planning - create a plan for future income and not run out of money.
  6. Separation, Divorce - what choices will create the best outcome?
  7. End of Life - charitable giving, trust accounts, estate planning, beneficiaries, inheritance

Your financial life is at stake. Let me help you Save Money And Reduce Taxes.